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Welcome to the Acoustics Division:
Acoustics Division

  • RECOMMENDED FOR: Rooms of all sizes with no corners. Male/Female Broadband Absorbers offer a great amount of both low frequency absorption and broadband absorption. So for rooms with no corners,

    Quadrant: bass trap are is 12 x 12 x 24 in long and can be connected to the top of a ajustable mic stand.
    Standerd: Wedge bass trap is 12 x 12 x 24in long .

  • Thanks to their unique profile bass absorption is even and balanced
  • It doesn't matter what direction those omni-directional low end frequencies fire from the absorption will always be even.
  • The bass traps are effective at absorbing those low end frequencies that can overwhelm a mix.
  • Once bass traps are installed in your room bass response will be even and balanced without any harsh peaks ruining the recordings or mixes.
  • The foam has a density of 2lb and a hardness of 180 Newton.
  • We only use professional grade open cell acoustic foam.
  • We specialize and are dedicated in selling only acoustic foam products. You will not find us selling other products such as upholstery foam or packaging foam,
  • foams which are not suitable for acoustic applications.

    Our products are totally safe and suitable for use in both domestic and commercial applications.

  • SPECS: Flame retardant & NRC specifications SPECS: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ]
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    Acoustic foam
    Acoustic foam Acoustic foam Acoustic foam Acoustic bass traps
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    Welcome to the Acoustics Division. Here you will find the necessary supplies for sound deadening all sorts of rooms, both big and small. (Some examples are studios, rooms that need sound deadening in houses, gyms, and churches.) We have the solutions for light, medium, and heavy sound deadening needs, so browse around to find what you are looking for. All Are Acoustic Foam / Studio Foam is California 117 flame retardant specifications, class A type - Density 2lbs Acoustic foam is probably the most important aspect of any studio. have more question please click here.

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    Charcoal - Standard color
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    Hanging acoustic foam baffles 2lb

    Designed to hang from ceilings in open spaces to reduce reverberation and prevent noise build up that interferes with speech intelligibility. :
    Acoustics Division
    There designed to hang from ceilings in open spaces to reduce reverberation and prevent noise build up that interferes with speech intelligibility.

  • Music4less acoustic foam ceiling tiles are designed to trap and deflect sound energy. They are made of open cell, flame retardant polyester foam. The design is very pleasing to the eye and offers outstanding sound absorption qualities. Practical 24 x 24 tile size makes installation a snap in any room. The perfect solution for rehearsals, radio stations, and more. Install tiles easily with spray adhesive, double-sided tape, contact cement, or glue/caulk..

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    Adhesive spray 13oz cans

    The M4L Adhesive spray we recommend for our open-cell foams. The M4L Adhesive spray can be sprayed lightly for temporary use or regularly for typical use. Example uses are acoustical foam. These could include; Reflections, Reverberation, Slap echo, Flutter echo, Poor frequency response, Standing waves, Boom and modal problems.

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