Antares Auto-Tune Live Pitch Correction Softwares

Antares Auto-Tune Live Pitch Correction Software

Pitch Correction Software.
  • Need to get great vocal sound live? Antares Auto-Tune Live is the perfect plug-in for you. Designed to run within the DAW or live plug-in host software of your choice, Auto-Tune Live brings all of the important aspects of Antares' award-winning pitch-correction software to the live stage. What's more, the redesigned processing engine in Auto-Tune Live is faster than ever, providing you with exceptional tracking and accuracy, without adding show-stopping delay to your vocals. Combined with the zero-artifact, totally natural sound that made Auto-Tune a mainstay of the studio recording world, Antares Auto-Tune Live is sure to change the face of live sound.

    Antares Auto-Tune Live Pitch Correction Plug-in at a Glance:
    Ultra-low-latency performance that's critical for real-time applications
    Total MIDI control lets you instantly redefine your tuning as you perform
    Loaded with advanced tools for enhancing your live vocal sound
    Ultra-low-latency performance that's critical for real-time applications
    When it comes to any kind of live performance, the last thing you want to introduce into your sound is latency. That's why Antares developed a fantastic processing engine for Auto-Tune Live that's faster and more responsive than ever before. When you're running Auto-Tune Live to correct your live vocals, the results are smooth, predictable, and totally natural for both you and your audience.

    Total MIDI control lets you instantly redefine your tuning as you perform
    There are tons of great ways you can use Auto-Tune Live's advanced MIDI integration to simplify the way you perform. If you or someone in your band plays a digital piano or keyboard, you can easily take the incoming MIDI note information and use it to set Auto-Tune Live's key on the fly. You can also use MIDI to change various parameters such as vibrato amount or even formant or throat length in real-time, allowing you to pull off cool vocal effects with just a simple MIDI footboard controller.

    Loaded with advanced tools for enhancing your live vocal sound
    True to form, Antares couldn't just include simple pitch correction in Auto-Tune Live. So, they loaded it up with several of the goodies that long-time Auto-Tune Evo fans have come to know and love. In addition to the instantly recognizable hard-tune effect Auto-Tune is known for (just as awesome live as it is in the studio), you also get some great ways to inject your vocals with extra character. Highlights include an amazing throat length parameter taken straight from Antares's Throat Evo virtual processor, plus an incredibly realistic formant filter. With options like these, plus MIDI control, it's easy to get super creative with Antares Auto-Tune Live.

    Antares Auto-Tune Live Pitch Correction Plug-in Features:
    The ultimate way to get real Auto-Tune pitch correction live onstage, without specialized hardware
    Antares's second-generation Evo Voice Processing Technology delivers superior pitch tracking and correction
    Critically ultra-low-latency performance responds instantly to your voice or the sound of your monophonic instrument
    Real-time MIDI control gives you access to all of Auto-Tune Live's key performance parameters in real-time
    MIDI control of target notes lets you use your keyboard or other controller to define target pitches as you perform
    Humanize function adds increased realism, without negating the effect of pitch correction
    Natural vibrato control lets you modify the depth of any vibrato present in your performance
    Formant correction and Throat Modeling technology fun and creative control of your vocal timbre
    Antares Auto-Tune Live creates perfect live vocals!

  • Tech Specs
  • Software Type Pitch Correction
  • Platform Mac, PC
  • Upgrade/Full Full
  • Download/Boxed Download
  • iLok Required Yes
  • Format AAX Native, RTAS, VST, AU
  • Hardware Requirements - Mac Intel Processors Only
  • Hardware Requirements - PC Intel Processors Only
  • OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.5 or Later
  • OS Requirements - PC Windows 7, Vista, XP
  • Manufacturer Part Number 28001e.