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The VoiceCube(tm) was made for professional in mind, but anyone can use it. All voice data is the same, a sound wave is a sound wave. It is all how you control it!
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Audio recording: for vocals or voice over?
When recording audio tracks: Vocal recording and Voice-Over recording is the (exact same thing). it does not matter if you are doing Voice-Over or your singing, what does matter is how the Voicecube will controls your sound wave by stabilizing the reverberation in your voice and around your microphone.

At the same time The Voicecube will keep your tone bright and clear, giving you that professional quality audio recording you're looking for. Record ike a Pro!.

What is the proper recording distance when recording with The VoiceCube?
Keep your face 12 to 18 incs away form the VoiceCube.
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most people think you need to have your face in side of the VoiceCube, Your face does not need to be inside of the Voicecube, the Voicecube will capture your natural tone and sound wave.

How doeds the VoiceCube work?
The VoiceCube starts to control the sound wave within about 2' by stabilizing the sound wave and controlling the reverberation,(NO REVERBERATION) while keeping your tone clean and bright (Tonality). With the VoiceCube(tm), expect that your recoding will never be dead or dull, unlike the rest of the non-professional vocal booth available in the market today. If your craft matters, you own it to your self to order today.

Most people are recording in an unstable environment?
The VoiceCube(tm) was made and designed to do just that, to give you total control on all sides of your mic, inside and out. Most people are recording in an unstable environment, closets, bedrooms, garages and office space. When recording in an unstable situation the first and most important thing to remember is controlling the sound wave around your mic.

sound wave voicecube

With the voicecube all your hard works is done for you 100%?
With the voicecube all your hard works is done for you 100%, No More trying to find a great portable vocal booth that really works. As an artist you have enough to worry about already, use our 25 years of experience to make your voice recording sound just like you walked out of a professional recoding studio. Now you can focus on what really matters, your craft. Why spend countless hours, trying, hoping and spending your money only to get unsatisfactory results at the end.

The Voicecube is also great for recording?
The Voicecube is also great for recording acoustic guitars, electric amps, and any voice data you can think of. #1 Best selling portable vocal booth on the market today!.

does Voicecube sell microphone, recording software, audio Interface?
If you looking for a great microphone, recording software, Audio Interface. We have a very large selection that works great with the Voicecube. Remember it does not matter how much you spend on your microphone(s) or sound equipment if you do not have total acoustical control around your mic you will never get that professional sound quality you need and want. With the VoiceCube product line we can delivery! The VoiceCube was constructed and designed just like a professional Concert Hall in mind to capture your true natural voice.

sound wave voicecube

The VoiceCube is ideal for professional?
It is ideal for professional vocalists, voice over artists, music producers, song writers, sound and audio engineers, Radio, Internet radio, Ipod show anybody who looking for and needs a professional quality recorded sounds. The VoiceCube(tm) also works perfectly in recording acoustic guitars, electric amps, horns, string and any sound/voice data you can think of! .

We accept all forms of payment?
We accept all major credit cards, paypal, paypal credit, No PayPal account required to process your order.

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NO Payments + No Interest if paid off in 6 months?
Special financing options: Buy now and pay over time with PayPal Credit when you spend up to $98.99. You choose how to pay:
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Shipping/Handeling Information?
All Voicecube orders take one (1) business days for process.
  • Each Voicecube is a custom order.
  • Each Voicecube is handcrfted and modeled in to perfection. Voicecube are only made per custmers request.
    more information click here.

  • Privacy Policy?

    Return Policy?
  • Return Policy or Making a Return
  • The Voiceucbe is a custom item and only made at customers request, all sales are final.
  • It customers fully responsible for making sure your microphone fit the voicecube prior to purchasing the voicecube. no exceptions.!
  • All returns must have a receipt in order to make any warranty claims or returns. Your receipt is the paypal.com invoice that was provided when you placed the order.
  • warranty covers: damage,defective, damaged delivery.music4less will replace with a new one at no cost to you
  • All request for Approved returns must be made within 10 days of the ship date or time frame specified by the guarantee /warranty of the product.
    if the product is damaged at the time of delivery- will send you new one at no charge to you.
  • You can submit a request to cancel your order on the same day the order was placed provided the product is not made already for you.
  • You can submit a request to cancel your order on the same day your order was placed provided your order has not been processed or made
  • Music4less reserves the right to approve such cancellation at their the sole discretion. If your request is approved, there will be a 45% restocking/processing fee in addition to the fee assessed by paypal.com with respect to their refund polices and procedures. SEE PAYAPAL.COM FOR DETAILS.
  • customers for responsible for the shipping back to music4Less.
  • Please note once your order is paid-in-full, the order has been processed, and ready to be made, package and ready for shipping.
  • If you return a defective VOICECUBE back to use. it will be your responsibility to pay for shipping charges and the damage to the voicecube
  • The cost of returning the VOICECUBE may be greater than $50.00 NOTE Check shipping costs before you finalize your return.
  • Please call to give your name, invoice number, date of invoice and the date you will be returning the VOICECUBE. Once your return has arrived at our warehouse, please allow 10 business days for your return to be processed.

  • ATTENTION: Music4less reserves the right to approve any and all returns/refunds at their sole discretion. For further information regarding this policy, please contact Music4less.

    NOTE: Music4less.net cannot be responsible for lost or misdirected returns. For your protection, please insure all returns.

  • Our Guarantee?
    Our Guarantee: The Voicecube stands behind its products 100%.
    Satisfaction is our mission:

    The Voicecube is handcrafted and molded to perfection. The Voicecube workmanship does come with a complete warranty. We at Voicecube guarantee that your order will be delivered to your door without damage or imperfections. If its not 100% intact in any way we will replace, fix or render you a new one at no cost to you. The Voicecube products are hand made in the great USA! We have sold well over 2,500 units in the last year with out any returns. We guarantee you will love the Voicecube just like all the other happy customers in the audio world. The Voicecube is a custom made item and is only made at customers request, (not a shelf item) due to that fact all sales are final. The Voicecube is professionally made from the highest quality rigid plastics and acoustic foam 2lb material on the market today. The workmanship is second to none. The Voicecube is made for professional artists and their standards are very high.

  • Workmanship:
  • Highest quality
  • Master craftsmanship
  • Symphony of sound
  • Master design to control the sound wave inside and out and keeping the tone bright, not dull.
  • before the voicecube get shipped out it goes through a Rigorous inspection and quality test. no voicecube will lieve the shop before it time.
  • Guaranteed: If for any reason we can not replace your order a full refund we will granted.

    sound wave voicecube

  • Extended warranties for life?
    Extended warranties for life - No Question Ask.
    its that simple, it breaks, we fix, we ship!

    Protection for your voicecube, peace of mind for you with the Voicecube Extended Warranty program, you will have peace of mind knowing that in the unlikely event that your voicecube get damage beyond repair. the Extended Warranties covers top to bottom of your product. Your product will be repaired or replaced quickly, fast with minimizing downtime.

  • Extended Warranty - An extension of factory warranty coverage beyond the original factory warranty term.
    ✓ Free shipping: from voicecube to your location with our Extended Warranty program offers you free shipping, making sure you get the replacements you need with no additional expense.
  • Parts included: All Replacement parts, components and acoustic foam is covered and included with this service contracts.
  • Warranty Duration Options: Multi-year protection options available to meet your business requirements.

    ✓1 Year Extended Warranty: $99.99
    ✓ 2 Year Extended Warranty: $198.99
    ✓ 3 Year Extended Warranty: $299.97
    ✓ Extended Warranties For Life time $399.99
    ✓ Extended Warranties can be purchased any time, Extended Warranties are non transferable.

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  • Can I have a custom voicecube made?
    "YES" 100% call or email us ASAP with your full dimensions for your free quote
    Phone: 206.600.3195 - Email: music4les.net@gmail.com