Music4less sell all the of the top name brand music digital recording, mixing & mastering, add ons software (down-loadable only).
You will be purchasing a legal digital copies, with full customer support and full factory warranty from the software tital companys.
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Recording software

No waiting, No Shipping fees, Full customer support and factory warranty. Top of the line name brands

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Portable vocal booths

Record like pro, stop delay order today. Great product Vocals and voice-over work. Amateur or Pro level

acoustic foam

Acosutics foam - free shipping

High quality acoustic foam, acoustic foam is probably the most important aspect of any recording studio.
2lb - 17 fire retardant, Order now.
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Marching drums kits

Marching drums kits, multi toms, QUAD, Trio, Snare Drum, Roto Toms drums & Cymbals! FREE SHIPPING

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High end Pro Microphones:

Record like Pro, Stop delay Order today, Great for professional audio recording Vocals/Voice overs work.
make your make your microphone work at the Optimal Performance
acoustic foam

Acoustic & Classical guitars

High quality acoustic and Classical Guitars, Electric Guitar
Right price to fit everybody's budget

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Marching Drums Kits

Marching Drums Kits, Multi toms QUAD, Trio, Snare Drum, Roto Toms drums & Cymbals!

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Microphone stands - Catalog 2016

Microphone, mic stands, Guitars cases, accessories and a lot more. Catalog 2016 view and order. If you see something in side the catalog. tell me the model# and I'll give you a quote. Catalog 2016
acoustic foam

Strings, Woodwinds, Brass

Perfect for the student musician, great addition to any level player's arsenal. Instruments are designed to make it easy for young players.