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The VoiceCube Empire 4" thick
Best selling pro portable vocal booth on the market.

Handcrafted and molding to perfection!

All the voicecube product line is test in a pro leave situation - that means the voicecube are designed and tested vigorously to work in a pro leave recording situation. if you do not have a degree in acoustics and you do not understand how to control a sound wave properly, making it clean bright and most important is to keep your tonality. by not doing this correctly will only harm your chances at becoming a professional singer, voice over artist or doing professional audio recordings. The high quality audio recording is what you need and want, there's no second to none in the audio business. the voicecube are Handcrafted and molding to perfection!

The VoiceCube is a top of the line portable vocal booth thats lightweight and inexpensive, providing you excellent sound quality recording is now packed in The VoiceCube Empire (tm) ! Its excellent for recording voice overs and hot vocal tracks. Made in the USA by a sound engineer, whose expertise is backed by over 25 years of experience.

The VoiceCube Empire (tm) is a portable Vocal Booth that eliminates unwanted noise, reflections, and flutters inside and out of the box, ensuring a top quality voice and recording output. Its perfect for voice-overs, sporting events, vocal tracks, home recordings, and other sound uses. The VoiceCube Empire (tm) is recommended by music producers, singers, song writers, voice talents, musicians, movie soundmen, and audio engineers alike.

YOU WANT FIND A BETTER DEAL! Well over $200.00 in acoustic foam on this unit.

  • Praised by music producers, singer, song writers, voice talents, musicians, movie sound-men and audio engineers alike.
  • The VoiceCube Empire 4" thick. Adjustable height up to 6'-9".
  • Fully collapsible in minutes.
    INCLUDED in the orffer:
    ready to use straight from the box. take about 10 mins to put togather very easy No other hardware is required.
  • Qty #3 - Mounts on top of (#3) three telescope micrphone stand. ready to use straight from the box. No other hardware is required.
  • Qty #2 - The VoiceCube Empire 48 x 48 x 4" thick. (walls)
  • Qty #1 - The VoiceCube Empire Roof.
  • Qty #3 - Mic stand Included round base.
  • Qty #1 - #EC2 mic stand attachment Included.
  • Qty #1 - puck light with 6" power cord (in side lighting)
  • Qty #1 - Mic Screw Adapter Included with quick release button mounted in roof.
  • Qty #3 - Suport clips.
  • Qty #12 -Removable zip tie's.
  • Qty #1 - 3” Media port in wall.
  • Qty #2 - 4” support bracket.
  • Qty #1 - # 1- 3” foam adapter plug with a 3/4" hole and plug.
  • Qty #1 - # 1- 3/4" hole and plug.
  • Qty #0 - NOT INCLUDED: Microphone,pop filter, director's chair not included in this deal.
  • Customers are fully responsible for making sure their microphone fits the Voicecube prior to the purchasing. No exceptions
  • the higher NRC (noise reduction coefficient) makes a world of a difference in your recordings! microphone-isolation.

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