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The Voicecube - capture pro 4" thick

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Handcrafted and molding to perfection!
The Voicecube - Capture Pro is an excellent Collapsible portable vocal booth for the price - for recording voice overs and hot vocal tracks. Voicecube Made in the USA by a music producer, song writer and sound engineer with over 20 year of experience in the business. I know what works!

Finally! A top of the line product that's lightweight and inexpensive, give you an excellent sound quality in a portable vocal booth that you can trust. You can creating great recordings in your home or event area without expensive full wall treatments! Your mic needs to be in an acoustically treated environment, but YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE! Our portable vocal booth STOPS UNWANTED NOISE AND REFLECTIONS AND FLUTTERS! INSIDE AND OUT OF THE BOX, this will ensure that your voice and your recording will sound top of the line. Perfect for voice overs, sporting events, hot vocal tracks, home recordings and office.
YOU WANT FIND A BETTER DEAL! Well over $120.00 in acoustic foam on this unit.

  • Praised by music producers, singer, song writers, voice talents, musicians, movie sound-men and audio engineers alike.
  • The Voicecube - Capture Pro - fully collapsible portable vocal booth
  • mic stand Included on some units.
  • Microphone not Included.
  • Come With a new built in mic stand and quick release clip in side the Capture Pro
  • also has a hidden hole in the back center of the foam for your mic cable.
  • Professional studios aren't always available and are very expressive!
  • The Voicecube - Capture Pro is an excellent portable sound booth, very light weight! GREAT PRODUCT.
  • Your mic needs to be in a sound booth, but you dont have to be.
  • The Voicecube - Capture pro : inside and outside there is well over $120.00 in acoustic foam product.
  • The Voicecube - Capture pro is made out of HIGH QUALITY ACOUSTIC FOAM 4 incs thick foam around the unit for total room-isolation.
  • With the Voicecube - Capture Pro vocal reflections or a thing of the pass.
  • Side walls (inside) are 4 inc of acoustic foam - total microphone-isolation.
  • the Voicecube - Capture pro (TM) includes a two-inch thick wedge at the bottom for total table isolation, preventing vibrations caused by sound, paper shuffling, or any thumps and bumps that may be transmitted into your recording. Its outer part is wrapped in five 1-inch pyramid/wedge foam for total room isolation.
  • Voicecube 15 x 15.
  • The Voicecube - Capture Pro: come with a built in mic stand and a mic stand attachment on the bottom so you can connect an extranal mic stand to the unit.
  • Customers are fully responsible for making sure their microphone fits the Voicecube prior to the purchasing. No exceptions
  • The Voicecube - Capture Pro: made with our high quality acoustic foam.
  • Acoustic foam - density 2.0, thus giving you more noise control capability !
  • the higher NRC (noise reduction coefficient) makes a world of a difference in your recordings! microphone-isolation.
  • mic stand not Included
  • All part(s) are sold separately, (ala carte) you can buy one peace or the combo pack and to save.
  • Easy to assemble, Light weight. Total sound control around your mic!
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    The Voicecube - Capture ProTM $196.99
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