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The VoiceCube foamBot 4"Thick wedge
double sided wedge shaped on both sides for maximum absorption

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Handcrafted and molding to perfection!
The Voicecube - Foambot is an excellent product for the price, for recording studio work, live musical performance, stage set-up, home studio, voice overs, hot vocal tracks and playing music. The VoiceCube product line made in the USA by a music producer, song writer and sound engineer with over 20 year of experience in the business. I know what works!

Finally! A top of the line product that's lightweight and inexpensive, give you an excellent sound control quality in a acoustic baffle that you can trust from music4less. You can creating great recordings in your home or event area without expensive full wall treatments!

Our acoustic baffle STOPS UNWANTED NOISE AND REFLECTIONS AND FLUTTERS! INSIDE YOUR STUDIO, this will ensure that your voice and your recording will sound top of the line. this is the perfect prodcut for all studio work and home recordings.

YOU WANT FIND A BETTER DEAL! Well over $120.00 in acoustic foam on this unit.
There only one (#1) styles to choose from: WEDGE 4 inc ! Charcoal

  • Praised by music producers, singer, song writers, voice over talents, musicians, movie sound-men and audio engineers alike.
  • The Voicecube - Foambot:
  • Dimension: 24 inc x 48 inc x 4 incs - thick Foambot - Included.
  • #2 Foambot lags dimension: 4" (w) x 40" (h) - (L) & (R) - Included. - made out of rigid plastic! not cheap, very durable and strong
  • Professional studios aren't always available and are very expressive! home recording is the way to go and at all time high.
  • The Voicecube - Foambot is an excellent acoustic baffle, very light weight! GREAT PRODUCT. buy now
  • Buy multiple foambots and place them around you and in different locations in the room that will give you that much needed sound control you need and wont for a professional recording.
  • The Voicecube - Foambot: well over $120.00 in acoustic foam product.
  • The Voicecube - Foambot is made out of HIGH QUALITY ACOUSTIC FOAM 2LB. - the acoustic foam is 4 incs thick for total room-isolation. The beautiful wedge design is cut to control the over all sound wave coming in to this room and around you.
  • With The Voicecube - Foambot vocal reflections, room reflections is a thing of the pass.
  • the more Units you place in the room the more sound control you will have - total room-isolation.
  • The Voicecube - Foambot : made with our high quality acoustic foam 2LB. Thus giving you more noise control capability in your room !
  • the higher NRC (noise reduction coefficient) makes a world of a difference in your recordings! microphone-isolation.
    The Voicecube - Foambot TM $99.99 each (ala carte) - Wedge design.
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