Disclaimer:Software titles music4less

Disclaimer: Software titles

Music Software.

  • We sell top name brand name brand recording software.
  • you will be purchasing a legal digital copies.
  • (Down-loadable only)
  • with full customer support
  • Full factory warranty.

    Disclaimer agreement:

  • Once you have completed the full purchase price of said order(s).
  • I will delivers to you a legal product serial number and a url for instant download!
  • Your product serial number and download url will be issued from the software companies that you ordered.
  • Your product serial number and download url will be issued and registered under your ((name and address)) with the software companies.
  • What that means is, once you place your order that #SN NUMBERS ARE assigned to you and it can not be re-used again..!
  • When the code is generated i will send you all your pertinent information to your real email address the one you have on file with paypal.com
  • You will be purchasing a legal digital copies, (down-loadable only) with customer support and full factory warranty.
  • Music4less is an authorized dealer of said down-loadable softwares titles.
  • All downloads url's, product serial number, software support and warranty will be provided by the software company‚Äôs of the said titles!, (not) music4less.

  • Email support will be provided for digital download.
  • Software support is provided by the software title company.
  • If at anytime you need help or support you will email support from the software title companies, they will provide full software support 9am to 7pm. EST
  • No refunds or exchanges are accepted at all on all digital download software. Ask a question if your not sure. [Contact us] please!
  • There are exceptions to the rules, it's solely up to the software title companies that you order this offer from!


    Academic Software


    satisfaction guarantee

  • NOTE: Academic means - Academy, acad, that you are associated with a school or government agency as a student or work for that agency!
  • NOTE: Academic after you order - you will be ask for school id or a school code before you are able to download the software.
  • don't try to buy academic software if you don't have the PROPER ID OR IDENIFICATION to prove that you're in academics! It will just wast your time and music4less. no refunds or exchanges are accepted!
  • It is your sole responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the correct products our ordered for the right operating system. So please make sure before you order!
  • By you placing an order with music4less or voicecube today and paying for that order means you are in full agreement with the trams set forth by music4less.

    Important information

  • Please do not wast your time or music4less trying to get free (down-loadable software)! it will not work. the software Title Company will shut down the SN#/code and the software will become inoperable. it that easy!
  • When you place your order and download the software the system records your ISP and SN#.
  • If at any time you feel something wrong and you need help "do not panic" we are here for you.
  • Before you contact music4less You need to contact email support that is provided to you when you placed your order, they are very helpful 9 to 5pm EST!
  • No refunds or exchanges are accepted: THIS disclaimer is set forth by the software Title Company (NOT MUSIC4LESS). THAT THERE RULES, NOT OURS.
  • SUPPORT: BEFORE CONTACTING MUSIC4LESS you will need to show proof that you have contacted the support line (via) email and THAT YOU HAVE MADE every effort trying to work with supoort. BEFORE CONTACTING MUSIC4LESS please forward a copy of the email interactions with support over to (music4less.net@gmail .com): showing that you have been working with supoort to resolve your problems! thank you.
  • you will not have any problems with support they are very helpful 100% thank you for your order