High end Pro Microphones:

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Product 1
Price: $398.99


  • $398.99 (US)
  • Vocal Microphone
  • Popular radio and TV mic
  • features excellent shielding against electromagnetic hum.
  • Plus mounting bracket.
  • Package Qty: 1
  • TMP Item #:6216
  • UPC / EAN:042406088879
  • Wired Microphones
  • List:$398.99
  • Short Description:SM Series Broadcast Vocal Microphone
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  • Product 2
    Price: $124.99

    Shure SM58-LC:

  • UPC:042406051293
  • Wired Microphones
  • Legendary Vocal Microphone
  • Package Qty: 1

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  • Product 3
    Price: $124.99


    SM Series Legendary Instrument Microphone: rich vocal mic Contoured frequency response for clean, instrumental reproduction and rich vocal pickup Professional-quality reproduction for drum, percussion, and instrument amplifier miking Uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main sound source while reducing background noise Pneumatic shock-mount system cuts down handling noise Extremely durable under the heaviest use Replacement cartridge: R57

  • SM57-LC
  • UPC:042406051316
  • Wired Microphones
  • Length: 15.25

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  • Product 4
    Price: $149.99

    SHURE 58A BETA - Series Vocal Microphone

    Perception Series True Condenser Cardioid Microphone Frequency response tailored for vocals, with brightened midrange and bass rolloff to control proximity effect Uniform supercardioid pattern for high gain before feedback and superior rejection of off–axis sound Neodymium magnet for high signal–to–noise output Hardened steel mesh grille that resists wear and abuse Advanced pneumatic shock mount system that minimizes transmission of mechanical noise and vibration Minimally effected by varying load impedance Legendary Shure quality and reliability
  • UPC: TMP Item #51523
  • Width: 19
  • Length: 20.00
  • Package Qty: 1
  • Case Qty: 1
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  • Product 5
    Price: $179.99

    SHURE SM86

    Condenser cartridge for studio quality sound Tailored frequency response for a clear reproduction of vocals Rugged construction withstands the rigors of touring sound Cardioid polar pattern minimizes unwanted background noise Excellent choice for stage monitors and personal monitors Built-in three-point shock mount minimizes handling noise Two-stage "pop" filter reduces wind and breath noise
  • Publisher:
  • Perception Series True Condenser Multi-Pattern Mic:
  • UPC:042406112406
  • Wired Microphones
  • Capsule Type: Condenser

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  • Product 6
    Price: $349.99

    SHURE SM81

    SM Series Condenser Instrument Microphone P Series Handheld Lead Vocal Mic
  • Series: Blue Microphones
  • Flat response curve for accurate reproduction of sound sources
  • Low noise and high output clipping level
  • Low distortion over a wide range of load impedances
  • Cardioid polar pattern, uniform with frequency and symmetric about axis, providing maximum rejection and minimum coloration of off-axis sounds
  • Low RF susceptibility
  • Selectable low-frequency response: flat, 6 or 18 dB/octave rolloff
  • 0 dB/10 dB lockable attenuator switch
  • Phantom powering (DIN 45 596 voltages of 12 to 48 Vdc)
  • Rugged steel construction for durability
  • Field-usable over wide range of temperature and humidity conditions
  • Package Qty: 1
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