Soundproofing,Studio Foam, Acoustic Foam

Music4less, How much Acoustic Foam do I need to buy from you...?
How will i know exactly how much square footage I need for my project....?

NOTE: OK get your tape measure out. Lets talk about one wall only for now, let say the wall is 10'(w) x 10'(h). ok, thats 10 x 10 = 100 or 100sq ft.

(1) Width x Hight = ? sq ft
Soundproofing,Studio Foam, Acoustic Foam (2) Now let say you do not wont Acoustic Foam on the hole wall..? (just a small part) maybe 3' x 7' = 27 or 27 sq ft.
(3) Now do this on every wall(s) you need Acoutic Foam on.
(4) thin total all wall(s) up as one grand total. Now that will be your total quare footage.!
(5) sometime its a good idea to add about 10% more just in case you forgot something.
Soundproofing,Studio Foam, Acoustic Foam

Square or Rectangle
  Length/Hight (feet)
  Width (feet)
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  Diameter (feet)
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Triangle (that includes a right or 90° angle)
  Measure the length of the two sides that meet at the right angle
  Side one (feet)
  Side two (feet)
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Area (Square feet):