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VoiceCube TM #1 For Desktop Only.
Portable Vocal Booth for your Mic

Handcrafted and molding to perfection!
  • NOTE: Recommend for used withic 4 inc microphone stand - NOT INCLUDED: We recommend this mic stand for the voicecube #1.

    Product 2
    The top of the line portable vocal booth thats lightweight and inexpensive, providing you excellent sound quality recording is now packed in the VoiceCube (tm) ! It’s excellent for recording voice overs and hot vocal tracks. Made in the USA by a sound engineer, whose expertise is backed by over 25 years of experience.

    VoiceCube (TM) #1 - Portable Vocal Booth eliminates unwanted noise, reflections, and flutters inside and out of the box, ensuring a top quality voice and recording output. Its perfect for voice overs, sporting events, hot vocal tracks, home recordings, and other sound uses. VoiceCube (TM) is recommended by music producers, singers, song writers, voice talents, musicians, movie soundmen, and audio engineers alike.

  • VoiceCube (TM) #1 come standard with a flat base bottom, but it can be equipped with built-in mic stand. Microphone is not included in the price, though. (Customers must ensure their microphone fits well into the VoiceCube (TM) prior to purchasing one).

  • Inside and outside the VoiceCube (TM) #1 is well over $60 worth of acoustic foam product.

  • VoiceCube (TM) includes a two-inch thick wedge at the bottom for total table isolation, preventing vibrations caused by sound, paper shuffling, or any thumps and bumps that may be transmitted into your recording. Its outer part is wrapped in five 1-inch pyramid/wedge foam for total room isolation.

  • The VoiceCube (TM) #1 is made with high quality 2lb density acoustic foam to ensure more noise control. Its inner side walls are wrapped in a two-inch acoustic wedge foam; while the inner back wall is covered by a three-inch acoustic wedge foam for total microphone isolation.

  • By using VoiceCube (TM) #1 voice reflections will now be a thing in the past.

  • While professional studios are costly and not always available, VoiceCube (TM) is always reliable any time you need it.

  • Voicecube (tm) #1 is an excellent portable vocal booth, very light weight ! GREAT PRODUCT.

  • Your mic needs to be in a sound booth, but you dont have to be.

  • Voicecube 15 inc x 15 Inc

  • Customers are fully responsible for making sure their microphone fits the Voicecube prior to the purchasing. No exceptions

  • It takes a higher NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) to make a world of difference in your recordings – and microphone isolation is the answer to that!

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    Listen to the voice of Dean Wendt his using the Voicecube #3 for his DEMO, Dean is best know as the voice of barney the dinosaur and co founder/creator of radio disney. Testimonial - Dean Wendt
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